Yoga of Mystics is a unique blend of ancient wisdom from the East and the West.

From the East, the sacred writings of Paramahansa Yogananda answer the deeper questions of faith and the role of yoga in overall spiritual and physical health. From the West, the insights of the Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan and the poetry of Rumi bring the consciousness of the breath as the source of all being. Combined, these philosophies inform a practice that is fulfilling on every level. In addition to being physically challenging and deeply healing, emotional health becomes balanced and clarity emerges from the deeper spiritual realm. Using Yoga of Mystics, Naader Shagagi skillfully guides students in the discovery of The Self, the blissful home within us all.

“Beloved Friend ~ In my sixth year as a yoga charya, I find you and all I learned from you still in my heart and in the background of my mind as I teach. Thank you for your wisdom and friendship. My son, Logan, and I were certified to teach by Cintra Brown, who is now among the most respected teachers in London today.” 

Stephanie H

Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan

Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda

Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda

“I had been searching for three months when I found YKS. I had wanted more than just your basic yoga training, I was looking for a spiritual journey that would compliment the yoga as well and I found it here and beyond. The unconditional love, compassion and concern for every person that walks through Naader’s doors is apparent in his whole being. It didn’t matter if you were 75, 25, race, religion, or gender, he treated everyone the same. From the breathing class, how to meditate, chakra balancing to learning how to use your true voice in class what I got here was 100 greater than what I ever could of imagined. Being here helped make me a better person in every way and I will be forever changed because of Naader. Whatever your story or reason is why you want to do it, all I can simply say is do it.. You will never look back.” 


Why Curative Yoga™?

Let’s face it, we all have something to ‘cure’. Maybe you have experienced headaches, fatigue, intestinal distress or an addiction. Or maybe you are like the millions of Americans who have trouble sleeping soundly at night. No matter what brings you to a Curative Yoga™ class, we guarantee that you will walk away feeling better than ever.

Our invigorating series of asanas (poses) targets all of the systems in your body and ensures that you safely bring movement, oxygen and life force energy to every cell of your body. You will gain strength, will, concentration, flexibility and balance and over time, melt away the dis-ease you may currently be experiencing.

Students of Curative Yoga™ have reported significant weight loss, have stopped the need for prescription medication for anxiety and depression, have cured migraines, chronic back aches, carpal tunnel syndrome and the list goes on.

Curative Yoga™ is for everyone at every stage of life. Do yourself a favor and try a Curative Yoga™ class today and enjoy the benefits for life!

“Dear Naader- I’m so appreciative to have found your class. I really liked the Hatha workout you put together… and all the spiritual influence… and loved seeing Guru’s pictures all over the facility. Great people and great energy that you’ve created there. Congratulations.” 

Tom S

Our Philosophy

The Yoga of Mystics® philosophy is centered on elements of Eastern and Western wisdom however, the system of Hatha Yoga informs the heart of the practice.

The Hatha Yoga system is distinctly different from other forms of exercise. It teaches people how to concentrate their attention, not on instruments, muscles, or body movements, but on their awakened energy, which is the direct giver of power, strength and vitality to all bodily tissues – including the muscular. Hence, the faithful student will find in time that the yoga exercises invariably and consciously develop his will power, along with his bodily strength.

A developed will can control and correct inharmonious physical manifestations. These yoga exercises are non-mechanical and utilize scientific and natural means for the strengthening of all living or atrophying muscle fiber. The system teaches how to revive and strengthen them, awakening new life force energy in lazy muscles and other tissues. The correct use of these postures helps to strengthen injured or underdeveloped osseous or bony tissue as well.

This system of postures teach one how to accelerate involuntary functions, such as those of the heart, the lungs, stomach, intestines, capillaries, lymphatic glands, veins, and the cerebra-spinal axis (brain and spine) without exhausting or overworking them, as is the case of lifting weights. Hatha Yoga combines control of voluntary muscles with conscious harmonious adjustments of involuntary processes, which is mostly overlooked in the West and in current forms of physical development.