If you’re new to yoga or to our studio, we’d love to answer any questions you may have. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us for more information!


What Do I Need For Practice?

A willing attitude and comfortable clothing that will allow you to easily move are all that you need to practice yoga.

We recommend use of a yoga mat, but a large towel will also work for your at-home practice. You may want to have handy a bottle of water, an eye pillow, or a blanket, but none of these items is required.

Do I Need A Membership?

At Curative Yoga Pasadena, we offer several pricing options and plans. You can see the full information on our Class Prices page. Class packages and monthly memberships are available at discounted rates. 

How Should I Prepare?

Like with any class, we ask that you log into the online platform on time and be prepared to follow along with the teacher. 

Plan to eat any meals 3 hours before class, or snacks at least an hour before class, so that you’re not practicing on a full stomach.

What Is Yoga? Why Should I Practice?

It seems that everywhere you turn, someone is talking about yoga! Truth be told, yoga has been around for thousands of years but it is enjoying a resurgence in popularity because it has been proven so beneficial on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. In today’s hustle and bustle times, a simple yoga practice can be your antidote to the effects of stress, conflict and the ‘daily grind’. The main focus of Yoga is to find harmony between body and mind.

In the western world, Yoga is mostly associated with the practice of asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga or as a form of exercise. All Yoga is derived from Hatha Yoga. The Sanskrit term Yoga has many meanings. It is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, “to yoke”, or “to unite”. Through our practice of yoga, we are seeking union between the individual soul and the universal spirit.


Interested in more? Visit our Yoga of Mystics page.

How Often Should I Practice?

As often as you are able!

Generally, those new to yoga will see improvements and noticeable impact with 3 classes per week. However, just like anything in life, the more you practice, the sooner you will see a result. We invite you to practice with us as frequently as you are willing and able.

I'm Not Flexible. Can I Do Yoga?

We hear this frequently. The answer is a simple and absolute YES! Over time yoga will improve your flexibility but you do not need to be flexible to start. The poses we use are doable for all levels and it is not necessary that you be a contortionist to develop an effective yoga practice that makes you feel better and improves your overall flexibility. We have had students of all ages, body conditions, and fitness levels see improvements in flexibility and comfort over time, so come and join us to experience this firsthand!

Thank you for being here for our community!  Your class is always inspiring to me and the environment warm and your associates welcoming.  I tell everyone I know to come with me!

Claudine V