Curative Yoga™/CurativeXpress™

This one hour class is an invigorating and challenging series of asanas (poses) that masterfully and harmoniously bring discipline to the mind/body in a most natural and balanced way. Learn how to breath, concentrate and arrive at your spiritual, mental and physical bodies.

All Levels Flow

All Levels Flow is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Utilizing the breath, we connect the poses in a fluid fashion to improve our will, concentration, strength, flexibility and balance. While alignment pointers are given and mild adjustments are applied, the emphasis is placed on the general rhythm of the class. This class is a perfect way to start off your day. This class is for everyone but expect to be challenged!

Restorative Yoga

This calming class is aimed to teach conscious relaxation. Floor poses are held long enough to connect with your emotional, mental and psychic bodies.

Prenatal Yoga

Using poses that strengthen your hips, legs & back while eliminating fear and anxiety of mind through proper breathing. Gets you ready for giving birth comfortably.


3-Part Yoga

This 90-minute all levels class starts with a yin practice to collect our body and thought, then moves on to an active flow to execute our energy, and ends with restorative to give the flow of energy a chance to work its magic.


Gentle Yoga

Discover easier poses to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis on being aware of your breath and body to ease you into yoga.

Gentle Yoga with Props

This gentle class incorporates the use of a staff (flexible stick) to increase range of motion and support balance. The stick facilitates a deeper stretch with more ease. Class promotes breathwork and meditation.

Children’s Yoga

Ages 4+. Teaching kids to be comfortable with their bodies while learning concentration. Your children will learn the proper way of the art of being and becoming.

Guided Meditation

Learn how to be still in the mind and body to develop inner peace and joy. We will guide you and teach techniques such as chanting, pranayama and mantras to help you achieve deep stillness.


Mobility & Strength Flow 

This faster paced challenging flow class is great for building stamina, endurance, core power, flexibility and lightness of body and mind. The postures and the dance-like sequencing will help improve your range of motion and mobility. It will take you out of your normal patterns and bring mindfulness into your movements. Those with serious knee or hip injuries should consult with the instructor first. Not recommended for beginners.

Hatha Mixed 

In this empowering class you will advance your yoga practice by exploring the many variations of asanas. You will develop the pillars of hatha yoga: willpower, focus, strength, flexibility and balance.

Healing Yin

Feel the restorative “yin” of this gentle practice aimed to increase blood circulation and purify major nervous centers.  Enjoy long-held floor poses to absorb the renewed life-force energy.

Yin n’ Yang Blend

Class begins with a vigorous flow and ends with long held gentle floor poses. While alignment pointers are given and mild adjustments are applied, the emphasis is placed on the general rhythm of the class. This class is for everyone but expect to be challenged!

“The first time I came to Yoga Kingdom, I could barely make it up the stairs; I was out of breath and out of shape. The first teacher I met was so incredibly kind and she promised me that she would ‘bend me back into shape’. And she did! In a matter of a few months I lost 30 pounds and I am thrilled to say that I just completed my first 10K run. But more importantly, I am experiencing a wonderful sense of balance emotionally and spiritually as well. I feel empowered, confident, flexible and strong on all fronts. Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary is an amazing place where you will find your true joy, I promise!” 

Eva B