Whether you want to become a Yoga of Mystics® teacher and share your passion with others or you are looking to deepen your personal practice, we offer a comprehensive, on-going open entry teacher training program.

200 Hour Yoga of Mystics® Yoga Teacher Training Certification

200 Hour Yoga of Mystics® Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program Overview: Awaken the teacher within


200 Hour Yoga of Mystics® Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The Yoga of Mystics® teacher training program is a unique opportunity for the committed yoga student to experience the heart and soul of yoga through the thoughtful guidance of Naader Shagagi.

Yoga of Mystics® is a classical hatha yogic system steeped in traditions and teachings from the East and West that features a unique series of asanas (poses) called Curative Yoga™.

At the heart of the Yoga of Mystics® teacher training is Yogic Philosophy, Science of Breath/Pranayama/Breathing Techniques, the Art of Concentration and Art of Meditation. Students will develop a deep understanding of the psychology of the breath, phenomena of the mind and perfection of soul. By immersing in a yogic lifestyle and through lectures, practice, reading and sharing, the Yoga of Mystics® teacher trainee learns to teach from a place of deep personal experience.

The Yoga of Mystics® program includes unlimited yoga classes and lecture/coaching hours covering the following topics:

• Philosophy / 8 Limbs of Raja Yoga

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Sequencing Curative Yoga™ series

• Science of Breath/Pranayama techniques and understanding different aspects of the BREATH and its movement

• Chakras (wheels of life) / Mantra

• Art of Concentration and Art of Meditation

• Finding and sharing your authentic voice as a teacher

• The Art of Giving and Receiving (Karma & Bhakti Yoga)

No prior experience is required –whether you are on a path towards personal growth, seeking self realization or are coming in the spirit of guidance, all you need is your willingness.

Course Fees:

$2,199 ~ 3 months

$3,199 ~ 6 months

Fee includes unlimited yoga during training and all lecture classes. Required reading materials are additional and are estimated at $60.

Teacher Training Class Schedule

All lecture and coaching hours count towards your 200-hour requirement.

Saturdays 8:00am – 4:30pm

Please contact the studio at 626.792.7871 or email Carolina at carolina@curativeyoga.today for more information or to register.