Curative Yoga was founded by Naader Shagagi in 1996. The home of Yoga of Mystics®, Curative Yoga is a yoga style steeped in ancient traditions, yet thoroughly modern in that it offers students the keys to physical, emotional and spiritual health which are so necessary in today’s fast-paced world.

Curative Yoga offers students of all levels and physical abilities a safe and nurturing environment in which to do something powerful for their body, mind and spirit. Guided by thoughtful, skilled and compassionate teachers, students can choose from beginner to advanced classes in styles including our signature Curative Yoga™, Hatha, Beginners Hatha, Vinyasa, CurativeXpress™ and more. 

You will find our schedule offers you many options from early morning through evening classes. We also offer retreats and workshops as well as a comprehensive Teacher Training program. Whichever class you do decide on, you will soon find that you have improved will, strength, concentration, flexibility and balance that will invariably follow you from the mat into your everyday life.

At Curative Yoga we believe in offering new and experienced students a space to deepen their practice and we hope wherever you are on your journey, you find a home with us.

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We offer a yoga style steeped in ancient traditions, yet thoroughly modern
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